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Fit Out Finance

Includes fryers, ovens, microwaves, juice machines, coffee machines, vending machines, restaurant furniture, grills, refrigeration and displays, cold rooms, partitioning, office desks, office chairs, printers and multi-functional devices, shelving, racking, EPOS systems, refrigeration.

Green Energy

We provide energy asset finance for PV solar, biomass boilers, wind turbines, and heat pumps. Our approach is to take part in detailed discussions with our clients which helps us to understand their requirements and then use our considerable in-house experience to help us identify and design the most suitable product for their needs

New Purchase /

Refinancing an asset versus an outright purchase presents distinct advantages worthy of consideration. Refinancing allows for the leveraging of existing assets and optimising capital allocation. This approach provides immediate financial flexibility, as it involves restructuring existing debt or securing more favourable financing terms. On the other hand, an outright purchase entails an upfront capital investment, potentially leading to a strain on liquidity.


Ensuring that pupils leave school with current and appropriate skills for further/higher education or the workplace is key for their ongoing success. Access to up-to-date technology and equipment is a crucial part of delivering this.

Arkle Finance support schools by offering completely transparent and compliant Operating Lease solutions which takes pressure off tight budgets and enables you to refresh your technology when needed.

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